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Machine Design

Electronic-Access Hardware

New E-Keeper offers convenient, affordable electronic-access security to a wide variety of enclosures.

It accepts electronic signals from many sources, including RF key fobs, numeric keypads, mag-stripe card readers, biometric scanners, networked security systems, and battery-powered remote access systems. The novel design incorporates the electronic-access action within the keeper instead of the latch, does not require complex software, and fits both new and existing installations. This lets OEMs offer secure electronic or manual operation without having to modify enclosures. Energizing the E-Keeper unit momentarily retracts the latch bolt into the housing, letting the door open without manual latch actuation. A keylocking mechanical latch provides secure manual override in the event of a power failure. All models withstand static loads of 100 lb and electrical operating loads of 25 lb.

Southco Inc.,
210 N. Brinton Lake Rd., Concordville, PA 19331,
(610) 459-4000,

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