Machine Design

Electronic Latches

E-Line electronic latches protect equipment enclosures with enhanced security and data-collection features while occupying the same space as mechanical latches with conventional keys. To gain access to an enclosure, users enter a four-digit code on the integral keypad. The built-in LED clearly shows whether access is authorized. Up to 25 code combinations can be stored to identify individuals, and E-line's networking capability lets every opening operation be individually logged. The networking ability also lets access codes be remotely programmed and changed so authorized access can be modified quickly. In addition, a single latch or multiple latches can be unlocked remotely, so access can be granted to equipment enclosures without disclosing an access code.

Dirak Inc., 4115 Pleasant Valley Rd., Suite 200, Chantilly, VA 20151, (703) 378-7637.

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