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Electronic pump controls

New P1/PD Series, 75-cc/rev variable-piston pumps feature Integrated Digital Electronic Controls.

With Windows-based software, users can control proportional pressure, proportional displacement, electronic torque limiting, antistall, and constant flow settings to optimize pump performance under a full range of operating conditions. On-the-fly electronic control lets the pump function as a load sense, pressure comp, and horsepower control during different operations, in essence acting as three different pumps in the same system. Sensors for pressure, speed, temperature, and displacement are all built into the pump and calibrated at the factory. The sensors can also monitor the hydraulics for onboard diagnostics, which can extend life and reduce downtime. The P1/PD axial-piston pumps are for open-circuit applications and operate at pressures to 280 bar.

Parker Hannifin, Hydraulic Pump Div., 14249 Industrial Pkwy., Marysville, OH 43040, (800) 5515956,

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