Machine Design

Embed and control

The Panel-Touch embedded controller supports data acquisition, pulse-width modulation, and analog and PID control.

Not all machines need fully dedicated PC controls. For smaller machines, an embedded controller will often do the job. It can take up less space and cost less than larger, more-expensive alternatives.

The Panel-Touch controller from Mosaic Industries Inc., Newark, Calif., is a C-programmable embedded computer with a built-in graphical user interface. It combines a 128 240 pixel display with a five-column four-row backlit touchscreen. Display screens and graphic objects can be custom created and imported into the controller using any Windows-based graphic program such as PC Paintbrush.

Intended for use in machine control and OEM applications, it can be remotely controlled from a PC via two RS-232/485 ports or used as a stand-alone unit. The controller provides eight 12-bit analog input channels, eight 8-bit analog inputs, eight 8-bit d/a lines, and 24 digital I/O lines including timer controlled and PWM channels and four high-current drivers.

The Panel-Touch is powered by a 16-MHz 68HC11F11 microprocessor with 8 Mbytes of address space. 256 kbytes of Flash and 128 kbytes of RAM provide room for application code and graphic screens.

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