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Machine Design

Embedded Controllers

Two embedded controller platforms, the S-MAX 50xx VLC and ILC 350 VLC, target low-cost control applications.

They combine secure PLC control functions with PC-based performance, capacity, and connectivity options. The controllers run under the new Version 7.0 of Steeplechase VLC, which makes possible submillisecond logic scans and flow-chart programming. HMI software options for the S-MAX and the industrial PCs include Citect HMI or Iconics MachineWorX. The new blind-node ILC 350 VLC offers direct connection to the modular Inline I/O system. An integrated Ethernet port supports multiple protocols such as Modbus TCP. Bus master capability allows for design of Ethernetbased I/O. The S-MAX 50xx VLC combines the functions of a PLC and a color touchscreen operator panel in one unit. The S-MAX 50xx VLC is available in 6, 12, and 15-in. TFT color touchscreen sizes. A blind-node version is also available that offers connection for an external display via the integrated VGA port. The S-MAX 50xx VLC offers fieldbus connection to DeviceNet, Profibus, or Interbus. The integrated Ethernet ports allow the connection of Ethernet-based I/O via the Modbus TCP protocol. Programs store in a Flash card.

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