Machine Design

Embossed Decorative Film

A urethane-based, embossed decorative film called Dorrie DaF is designed to replace embossed TPVs in automotive applications including inner-door seals, interior or exterior doorbelt molding, and in-mold decoration, The film offers excellent weatherability and permanent, thermally stable embossing.

The environmentally friendly material contains no PVC, eliminates the need to store additional resins or adhesives, is stain resistant, and impervious to common process oils. A variety of custom colors are available and the film comes in ready-to-use sheets or as custom-slit tape on rolls. Users can select from a choice of polymeric backings suitable for bonding to EPDM, TPOs, TPVs, ABS, and polycarbonate.

Dorrie International, 9 Wilton Ave., Norwalk, CT 06851, (203) 846-2087,

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