Motion System Design


Miniature encoders

R22i optical incremental encoders provide position feedback with optional commutation signals for brushless motors.

Features & benefits

  • 22 mm diameter by 15 mm long; fits motor shafts to 4 mm

  • Optional 3-phase commutation outputs available for 4, 6, 8, and 10-pole brushless motors

  • Resolutions of 100 to 1,024 line counts available with A, B, and Z reference channels

  • Operates from -30° to 110° C

  • Optional bolt patterns available

Renco Encoders Inc.
(805) 968-1525
Circle 151

Extreme-service encoders

RLS miniature magnetic rotary encoders include a small diametrically polarized magnet and custom ASIC, which contains an array of Hall effect sensors that generate a voltage when exposed to a magnetic flux field.

Features & benefits

  • Withstand shock, vibration, pressure, temperature extremes, high speed, and immersion

  • Resolution to 8,192 counts per revolution, speeds to more than 30,000 rpm, and measurement accuracy to 0.5°

  • Temperature range from -40° to 125° C

  • Available in 7 to 13-bit models with absolute, incremental, or linear output; 5 or 24 V supply voltage

Renishaw Inc.
(847) 286-9953
Circle 152

Dual output encoders

HS35 encoders are designed for use as winch-turn counters in the drawworks systems of oil rigs.

Features & benefits

  • Hard-anodized metal housing, sealed connector, IS rating, dual bearings, and shaft seals for NEMA 4 and 13 (IP65) ratings

  • Supply simultaneous position feedback to two separate systems from a single encoder

  • Outputs can have different resolutions with use of interpolation; saves cost and space of a second encoder

BEI Industrial Encoders
Circle 153

Economical encoders

HC20 commutation encoders are priced 40% lower than previous models for use with brushless servo and step motors.

Features & benefits

  • Direct-read non-interpolated technology stems from a custom phased array ASIC

  • 5 to 26 Vdc operating range; rated to 120° C

  • Capable of up to 250 ppr; available with commutation tracks for 4, 6, or 8-pole brushless motors

  • 50 mm diameter; 36 mm mounting depth

  • Suited for NEMA 23 and 34 size brushless motors

Dynapar Corp.
(800) 873-8731
Circle 154

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