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Energy-saving seal - Simrit Div.

MileMaker seals offer friction-reducing and fuel-saving benefits for OE and aftermarket heavy-duty truck and trailer wheel and axle applications. The seals operate with over 50% less torque than comparable seals, resulting in over $1,000 in diesel-fuel savings over the life of the seal.

The seal, developed using an elastomer material that withstands temperatures to 350°F, is compatible with mineral and synthetic oils and grease. An integrated lathed, ground and polished wear-sleeve running surface reduces friction, lowers torque, and promotes cooler running for the main seal lip. The seal’s special dirt-exclusion fins assist with keeping contamination away from the seal. The lubed rubber OD and ID design eases installation force, resulting in less heat generation, increased seal life, and sealing of minor hub or spindle imperfections. The design’s low internal torque, aided by an internal lubricant, results in lower internal heat generation, excellent wear resistance, and improved fuel economy.

Simrit Div., Freudenberg-NOK, 47690 E. Anchor Court, Plymouth, MI 48170, (866) 274-6748,

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