Machine Design

Environmentally Sealed Toggle Switch

With molded-in terminals and a silicone membrane for front-panel sealing, the 3500 Series toggle switch meets IP67 requirements for applications in heavy lifting equipment, auto sports, marine, and public-highway vehicles.

The silver-alloy contacts have an initial contact resistance of 10 m with ratings from 15 to 20 A and a 6,000-cycle minimum life. Insulation resistance is 100 M with a dielectric strength of 3,000 Vrms between terminals and frame. Case material is UL94-VO rated and comes with a variety of actuator finishes including a locking style. Solder-lug/quick-connect or screw-type terminals are available.

Apem Components Inc.
63 Neck Rd.
Haverhill, MA 01835
(978) 372-1602

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