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Epoxy Information

A new publication, "Epoxies: Bondmaster Structural Adhesives," discusses one-part heat-cure epoxies and two-part catalytic epoxies formulated for high performance.

The products operate over broad temperature ranges and join virtually all surface types. One-part epoxies have the strength and durability to replace mechanical joining techniques, such as welding, and serve a broad range of applications, including composites. Operating temperatures range from –65 to 450°F with shear strengths to 5,000 psi. They cure when heated and fill gaps to 0.16 in. Two-part epoxies provide high structural-bonding strength and durability. They fill gaps to 0.25 in. and cure at room temperature. Charts provide details on appearance, typical cure temperatures and times, temperature range, and applications.

National Adhesives Information Center, One Matrix Dr., Monroe, NJ 08831, (800) 797-4992,

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