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Machine Design

Erosion-Resistant Hardfacing Alloy

Hydroloy 914 is reported to be one of the highest-rated hardfacing alloys available

for hydroturbine applications when tested to ASTM G32 for cavitation erosion. It is also said to be twice as effective at resisting erosion as cobalt-based alloys inlcuding Stoodite 21. Hydroloy 914 welds in both flat and vertical positions and is available in stick (SMAW 1/ 8 and 5/ 8 in.) and wire (GMAW 0.045 and 1/16 in.) forms. Welded deposits have a hardness of 25 Rc and work harden to 42 Rc when grinding.

Stoody Co.,
Suite 300,
16052 Swingley Ridge Rd.,
Chesterfield, MO 63017,
(636) 728-3000,

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