Machine Design

Escapement Feeds Parts

The pneumatically driven MIS/MIW escapement separates and feeds individual parts from vibratory feeders, magazines, and hoppers.

An interlocking mechanism ensures that parts insert, separate, and release sequentially without jamming. The MIW has two fingers with threaded holes to mount tooling, while the MIS has one finger with threads. Three-finger variations are also available. The units are designed for easy mounting and adjustment, accept position-sensing switches, and permit axial or side air piping for installation flexibility. Products in five sizes handle output forces from 7 to 563 N and accommodate workpiece weights to 60 kg. Transfer speeds to 40 m/min are possible, and optional stroke adjusters permit fine-tuning after installation.

SMC Corp. of America, 3011 N. Franklin Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46226, (317) 899-4650,

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