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Ethernet Alliance forms to promote Ethernet technologies

A new industry group, The Ethernet Alliance, Mountain View, Calif., has formed to promote continued success and expansion of Ethernet technology. Focusing on all IEEE 802 Ethernet standards, the Alliance will serve as an industry resource and help member companies increase acceptance and reduce time-to-market of Ethernet products by supporting the advancement of existing and emerging technologies.

Founding members include 3Com, ADC, Agere Systems, AMCC, Aquantia, Broadcom, Force10 Networks, Foundry Networks, Intel, Lawrence Berkeley Labs, Pioneer Corporation, Quake Technologies, Samsung, Sun Microsystems, Tehuti Networks, Tyco Electronics, The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), and Xilinx.

In the past, short-term Ethernet industry alliances would form (then disband) to target specific technologies or markets. In contrast, the Ethernet Alliance will exist for as long as it remains relevant to IEEE 802 Ethernet technology and will support IEEE 802 Ethernet projects by speeding acceptance and time-to-market for new Ethernet markets and technologies. It will also cultivate efforts to define and develop new Ethernet technologies, and educate Ethernet users on their choices and implementations for various applications.

Activities for 2006 will focus on three key areas: Ethernet technology incubation, interoperability demonstrations, and education. To promote these, the Ethernet Alliance started the incubation process for 100 Gbit Ethernet; initiated efforts to demonstrate 10GBASE-T, 10GBASE-LRM and backplane Ethernet interoperability; and is planning to show Consumer Electronic applications. It's also lining up speakers on key industry panels to communicate the vision and benefits of Ethernet technology.

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