Machine Design

Ethernet Hichspeed-Radio

The OS2400-HSE highspeed Ethernet (HSE) radio functions as an access point, bridge, and repeater radio simultaneously.

Authorized people using any PC with a PCMCIA card can access the HSE network through a single radio, send and retrieve data from linked devices such as a PLC, and send data back to another Ethernet backbone. The HSE features a 20-mile range sending 10 Mbytes/sec, however this range can be extended with repeater radios. It has authentication and WPA encryption and can connect to existing 802.11b access points and let 802.11b clients connect to it. It operates in the license-free 2.4-GHz ISM band, is DIN-rail mountable, and has a profile depth of only 1.16 in.

Locus Inc., 5540 Research Park Dr., Madison, WI 53711,
(608) 270-0500,

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