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Ethernet For Safety Controllers

EtherNet/IP networking connectivity has been added to the GuardPLC line of safety controllers.

This lets information from the safety system transfer into the plant-control system. The EtherNet/IP open-networking protocol extends standard, unmodified Ethernet TCP/IP using an open, industrially proven protocol at the application layer. Four distributed I/O (DIO) modules added to the GuardPLC line of safety controllers include an 8/8 digital input/output, a 16/8 digital input/output, an analog input/output, and relay output. The two digital I/O modules have bipolar outputs for use with robot controllers and other specialty output devices. The analog module has eight safety-rated inputs and four standard-analog outputs. The relay module has eight isolated relays that can switch power or provide a dry contact as an enable signal. EtherNet/IP can be implemented using only one wire for both safety and standard-network layers, simplifying the task of wiring the machine or cell.

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