Machine Design

Excel-Lent gear and gearbox-design software

Excel-Lent gear and gearbox design and analysis software was written in Visual Basic.Net by engineers who also design and manufacture gears for their own use, says company president N.K. “Chinn” Chinnusamy. According to the company, until now, gear-design software has been too expensive or complicated for engineers without specialized knowledge. In contrast, Excel-Lent has a user-friendly interface that provides defaults and options in accordance with the AGMA 2001 standard (American Gear Manufacturers Association). Users can easily navigate the input screens to edit, analyze, and create reports on optimal gear and gearbox designs for machine tools, heavy materials handling equipment, and even wind turbines, all without needing to be familiar with the AGMA standards.
Excel Gear Inc., 11865 Main St., Roscoe, IL 61073, (815) 623-3414,

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