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Machine Design

Expanded Wear Ring And Bearing Product Line

A new 48-page catalog profiles wear rings and bearings for hydraulic cylinders.

Products include tight-tolerance WPT and WRT Series ( radial tolerances of 0.000/0.002 in. for sizes to 6-in. OD and 0.000/0.003 in. for sizes 6 to 12-in. OD), as well as commercial WN Series (radial tolerance 0.000/0.005 in.) for light, medium, and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. PTFE products include PDT and PDW profiles for light-duty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders available in bulk strip, cut-to-length strip, or machined rings.

The catalog contains detailed information on wear-ring performance, design, and selection criteria. A Q&A Engineering section details selection of wear-ring width; provides tips on installation and various end cuts. Tight-tolerance wear rings of WearGard have good dimensional stability, high compressive strength and internal lubrication. Also offered are commercial tolerance wear rings of MolyGard and of PTFE that is 40% bronze filled, and 23% carbon/2% graphite filled.

Parker Hannifin, Seal Group, Engineered Polymer Systems Div., 2200 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84119, (801) 972-3000,

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