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Machine Design

Extended-Range Ultrasonic Proximity Sensor

The Superprox SM300FP senses objects from 6.35 to 102 mm (0.25 to 4.00 in.) without compensating for different materials or colors.

Its flat-profile housing measures 33 7.62 19.05 mm (1.3 0.3 0.75 in.) and is NEMA-4X and IP67 rated. The housing resists most acids and bases and is compatible with many chemicals and cleaning solutions. The 12 to 24-V sensor is unaffected by magnetic fields and transient voltages. Field-programmable models set operatingwindow adjustments via the Superprox configuration software.

Hyde Park Electronics LLC, a company of Schneider Electric,
1875 Founders Dr., Dayton, OH 45420,
(937) 252-2121,

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