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Machine Design

Fast assembly with prefit bearings

Prefitted bearings ease assembly into as-machined or as-formed housings.

They eliminate an assembly step previously needed by embedding a tolerance ring into bearing outer sleeves. Tolerance rings feature a series of waves or blisters that contact and grip components to be joined. They provide an accurate, secure fit that compensates for differences in thermal expansion, minor part misalignment, and high press-in forces. They can also act as slip fits and reduce NVH. Custom prefitted bearings can be outfitted with waves and shoulder shapes to meet specific design criteria, as well as in materials of different hardness and thickness to provide desired spring. The bearings come in Size 608 and 6203 or can be custom sized to meet customer needs. USA Tolerance Rings, 85 Route 31 N, Pennington, NJ 08534, (609) 745-5000,

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