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Fast-charging lithium cell - Toshiba International Corp.

The nano-based lithium technology of the SCiB Super Charge Ion Battery offers rapid charging capability of 90% charge in less than 5 min, 10‑year life even at rapid charge rates, and excellent safety performance. Advantages of the SCiB include prevention of thermal runaway even under extreme physical duress; minimal capacity loss even after 6,000 rapid charge-discharge cycles; up to 85% usable capacity without compromising cycle life; and it works at temperatures as low as –30°C. Two battery pack are available, a 12-V, 4.2-Ah and a 24-V, 4.2‑Ah pack.

Toshiba International Corp., 13131 West Little York Rd., Houston, TX 77041, (800) 231-1412,

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