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Machine Design

Fast-Curing Seals And Gasket

Vamac DHC, an ethylene acrylic elastomer, cures up to 30% faster than previous no-postcure grades when molding gaskets, seals, tubes, and hoses.

The elastomer also has low compression-stress relaxation and thus long-term sealing-force retention. It resists compression set and oil and has a continuous-service temperature of 150°C. These properties make it a good candidate for automotive and industrial gaskets and seals used in powertrains, rocker covers, and bonded pistons. Potential hose and tube uses include components for oil coolant, power steering, crankcase ventilation, and fuelhose covers. O-rings, grommets, and spark-plug boots are other potential applications.

DuPont Performance Materials,
1007 Market St., Wilmington, DE 19898,
(800) 438-7225,

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