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Machine Design

Fast Linear Actuator

The new 5-in.-frame GSX Series actuator now comes with a highly efficient segmented motor-design stator called T-Lam.


This design features high force in a small package as well as long life. The UL-recognized GSX-Series actuators combine a brushless servomotor, an inverted planetary roller screw, and an encoder/resolver feedback source into a single assembly. The brushless servo design allows use in closed-loop servosystems. The design also benefits from Class-180H insulation that complies with UL requirements. The GSX50 actuator employs an inverted roller screw mechanism to convert rotary motion of the brushless motor into linear motion. This mechanism has a lead accuracy of 25mm/300 mm and can also be supplied with zero backlash. The planetary design of the roller screw lets it be accelerated at higher rates than ball screws and offer speeds to 40 ips. The GSX50 offers 6 to 14-in. strokes and up to 13,500-lbf continuous thrust capacity. All converting components in the GSX-Series actuator mount within the sealed motor housing, which is IP65 rated. The smooth extending rod allows the use of a bushing and seal arrangement to keep contamination out of critical mechanisms.

Exlar Corp., 1470 Lake Dr. W, Chanhassen, MN 55317, (952) 368-3434,

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