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Machine Design

Fast Motion Control

DMC-18x6 PCI bus motion controller is the first in the Accelera Series of motion controllers.

Featuring a 32-bit Risc-based, clock multiplying processor with DSP functions, these controllers can accept encoder inputs up to 22 MHz, give servo update rates as low as 24 sec/axis, and command execution speeds as low as 40 sec per command. Maximum pulse rate for stepmotor applications is 6 MHz. Available in one through eight-axis formats, each axis is user-configurable for step or servomotor operation, enabling easy mix and match of motor types. Servoloop features include advanced PID compensation, velocity feedforward, acceleration feedforward, integrator limits, notch filter, low-pass filter, and backlash compensation. Multitasking capabilities permit simultaneously running up to eight programs and fast I/O processing for precisely synchronizing motion with external events. Motion modes include point-to-point positioning, position tracking, jogging, linear and circular interpolation, contouring, electronic gearing, and ECAM. Advanced commands for coordinated motion include ellipse scaling, slow-down around corners, infinite segment feed, and feed-rate override. Standard inputs for each axis include a forward limit, reverse limit, and homing input.

Galil Motion Control, 3750 Atherton Rd., Rock-lin, CA 95765, (800) 377-6329,

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