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Fast-setting adhesive sails to victory

Spain's Sinergia 40 competitive racing yachts, hold their own against the world's finest thanks in part to Araldite methacrylate adhesive. It bonds thermoplastic, composite, and metal components with lap shear and peel strengths of 3,600 psi and 23 pli, respectively.

To fabricate its IMS 2001 World championship winning Sinergia 40 racing yachts, Spain's Sinergia Composites relies on a fast-setting, toughened methacrylate adhesive to bond thermoplastic, composite, and metal substrates. The methacrylate, called Araldite 2022, comes from Vantico Inc., Los Angeles. It replaces a conventional polyester-based system typically used for boat building. According to Jose Coello, manager of Sinergia Composites, the polyester-based material could not withstand the intensive strain put on the bonded joints during racing.

Araldite 2022 has a lap sheer strength of 3,600 psi, peel strength of 23 pli, and a service temperature of up to 212°F. It also has good resistance to the harsh environmental conditions encountered at sea. Its 1:1 mix ratio by volume permits packaging in 50 and 400-ml dual-barrel cartridges. This, says the company, provides precise resin/hardener mixing and clean, waste-free dispensing. The adhesive requires minimal surface preparation to reduce fabricating time and is gap filling up to 4-mm thick.

Vantico Inc., 5121 San Fernando Rd. W, Los Angeles, CA 90039, (818) 247-6210,

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