Machine Design

Fast-Setting Epoxy

A new family of rapid-setting epoxy syntatics,


Epocast 1633, have compressive and lap shear strengths of 6.5 and 1.4 kpsi, respectively, after curing for 5 hr at 120°F (49°C). They have a 2 to 5-min work life and attain rapid green strength, permitting insert handling in less than an hour at room temperature. This makes them well suited for the reinforcing fasteners and inserts in honeycomb-core aircraft components, including floorboards, bulkheads, and overhead bins. The epoxies have a service temperature of 160°F (71°C), come in four colors (light blue, black, orange, and gray), and meet Boeing BMS 5-28, Type-18, Class-2, and Airbus AIMS 08-08-001-04 specifications.

Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas Inc.,
5121 San Fernando Rd. W, Los Angeles, CA 90039,
(818) 247-6210,

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