Machine Design

Fast Vision Cameras

Machine-vision cameras include the CSB1000, with uncompressed frame rates of 443 fps at 1,280 X 1,024 resolution for high-speed, smear-free image capture. FireDragon progressive scan cameras are among the first to utilize FireWire-B (IEEE-1394.b) technology, resulting in transfer rates of 800 Mbps or twice that of FireWire-A or USB 2.0 cameras. CleverDrago, industrial-grade cameras are capable of up to 90-fps and all pixel data readout at VGA resolution. The cameras have Power over Camera Link (PoCL) technology to allow transfer of image data, power, and control signals on a single cable.

Toshiba Teli America Inc., 33 Hammond Dr., Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 770-8354,

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