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Recognized by the OSHA Ergonomics eTool: Solutions for Electrical Contractors, the 773 Series of Wall-Nuts provide numerous benefits over traditional twist-wire connectors.

Technicians simply strip the wire and insert the conductor, reducing wiring time by 50%. Transparent housing lets users visually confirm connections for reliability and reduction in expensive troubleshooting and warranty work. The connectors have a test port for easy continuity testing without reinsertion, are touchproof, and rated to 105C. Wall-Nuts come in two, four, six, and eight-point connectors and handle 12 to 18-awg solid copper, 12 to 16 stranded copper, and 16 to 22 tinned stranded copper. For 18-awg stranded copper wire, a four-point version with a special point is available that simplifies the connection of incandescent light fixtures, dimmer switches, ceiling fans, and other accessories to branch and main circuits. The Wall-Nuts carry the UL/CSA label and are rated at 600 V for building wiring and 1,000 V for fixtures and signs.

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N120 W19129 Freistadt Rd., Germantown, WI 53022,
(800) 346-7245,

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