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Fastener-installing press - PennEngineering

Fastener-installing press - PennEngineering

The Pemserter Series 3000 automatic press system permanently installs self-clinching fasteners in thin metal sheets without hydraulics. The machine uses a servo-controlled electro-mechanical actuator and is sealed and lubricated for life. The machine's roller screws permit high pressing forces and higher speeds, and its regenerative and dynamic breaking apply inertial energy to deceleration for lower energy requirements. After initial PC setup, the press maintains all run logic in solid-state servo controller memory, which consumes less power than conventional systems.
The press installs various types of self-clinching fasteners automatically without tooling changeovers. It has a 24-in. throat depth and a maxiumum ram force of 16,000 lb. The press is CE certified to comply with applicable European standards.

PennEngineering, 5190 Old Easton Rd., Danboro, PA 18916, (215) 766-8853,

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