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Fastners and Adhesives: Crystal-Clear Adhesive

Clear Welder is a two-part structural-methacrylate adhesive that produces a crystal-clear bond line on plastics including ABS, acrylics, FRP, PETG, PMMA, and PVC. Little or no surface preparation is necessary, and the adhesive will not discolor or craze when exposed to sunlight. The adhesive, which comes in 380-ml coaxial cartridges, is mixed as dispensed in a 10:1 ratio with a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun. Clear Welder’s mixed viscosity of 22,000 cps makes it easy to apply, and it is self-leveling. The adhesive’s working time is 4 to 6 min, fixture time is 12 to 16 min, and functional cure occurs in 2 hr at room temperature. When fully cured, the adhesive’s typical hardness is 82 Shore D, and it withstands –64 to 200°F.

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