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Fastners and Adhesives: Pneumatic Hot-Melt Glue Gun

The TEC 6100 hot-melt glue gun applies hot-melt adhesive to sand cores in sand or die-casting foundries or steel dies.

The gun has twin 250-W steel heaters and 500 W of power. The heater housing is fully enclosed with a silicon-rubber nozzle shroud for operator safety, and a power-on warning light for easy monitoring. A fast, even, and controllable melt rate with a two-piece easy flow nozzle provides a smooth moltenglue flow for better control of the adhesive. A built-in long-life PTFE barrel and a nonstick-coated piston make loading the gun easy and reduce glue backup.

The gun permits instant bonding with no wait time, improved bond application and accuracy, increased productivity, and scrap reduction.

The gun uses 1¾-in. adhesive cartridges, reloads in seconds, warms up in under 5 min, has an audible and visual signal to minimize downtime, and melts at 9 lb/hr, depending on the adhesive used and temperature requirements.

Power Adhesives Ltd.
1209 Lilac Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 334-2425

TAGS: Fasteners
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