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Machine Design

FEA Adds Heat Transfer, MEMS, And Earth Science

Femlab 3.1 brings multiphysics modeling into new areas.

The model shows the pressure drop and velocity profile in a fuel cell. The figure indicates that the flow depends largely on channel position and header design.

The core package adds high-end modeling tools and access to leading-edge computing platforms along with add-on modules for earth science, heat transfer, and MEMS. The software sports convenient user interfaces, equation setups, and complete prewritten models to get users up and running faster. The features apply to simulating and analyzing complex systems such as subsurface fluid movement, chemical waste streams, resistive heating, and radiativeheat transfer, as well as microrobots and microfluidics. Also, large-scale modeling is faster with 64-bit technology and new solvers. A multigrid preconditioner optimizes computationally intensive routines for maximum performance with a significant reduction in solution times and memory consumption. So the larger the problem, the larger the performance gain compared to its predecessor. Price: $6,995.

Comsol Inc.,
8 New England Executive Park, Suite 310,
Burlington, MA 01803,
(781) 273-3322,

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