Machine Design

FEA Adds Over 100 Features

Cosmos 2006 adds over 100 new features. Design-analysis functions are simplified to mouse clicks, templates, and help wizards. Interactive wizards, such as Analysis Advisor, help choose appropriate analyses, respond if an analysis fails, and accurately interpret results.

Cosmos 2006 includes over 100 new functions such as single-step modeling for commonly used connections such as ground bolts.

Analysis Library templates eliminate repetitive work by storing frequently needed inputs such as forces and constraints. The software uses adaptive technology to refine or coarsen mesh, or both in local areas to converge to an accurate solution. Other key features are what'swrong indicators that display diagnostic messages in the SolidWorks user interface, and link connectors, spot welds, and hinges. Drop testing allows looking for contact between components in an assembly, and for defining a floor's flexibility to simulate drops on different surfaces such as carpets, wood floors, and concrete.

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