Machine Design

FEA Analysis Ready For 64-Bit Computing And More

Algor V18 features expanded capabilities for linear-static stress analysis (optimized for 64-bit operating systems) and mechanicalevent simulation.

Algor V18 can read surfaces and materials directly from SolidWorks (top left)and model the fluid medium based on a CAD solid model (top right). It also has new isosurface display capability (bottom left), and can specify the coloring and size of 3D streamlines and particle tracking (bottom right).

New material models include Arruda-Boyce and Blatz-Ko, for hyperelastics. Existing models include Mooney-Rivlin, Ogden, and Hyperfoam finitestrain viscoelastic materials. Fluidflow analysis models the fluid medium and has a new segregate steady solver for faster runtimes.

Results now draw on isosurfaces with colored, 3D streamlines and particle tracking with size control. And results can be exported to VRML files. The software can also read surfaces and materials directly from SolidWorks.

Algor Inc., 150 Beta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238, (412) 967-2700,

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