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FEA Boasts 130 Improvements

Abaqus V6.5 has more than 130 enhancements and includes new versions of Abaqus /Standard and Explicit.

Cohesive elements in Explicit and Standard can be used to model separation between two initially bonded surfaces for progressive failure of adhesives or composites.

These have advances in contact, fracture, and failure-analysis, and a boost in computing performance. The Standard release improves on accuracy, performance, and robustness by such developments as new contact formulations and stabilization techniques. Explicit also offers improvements in contact, one being the ability to define initial clearances and to control initial overclosures for general contact. A new framework for simulating progressive failure lets Explicit model damage and failure of materials, fasteners, and other connections.

Abaqus Inc.,
Rising Sun Mills, 166 Valley St.,
Providence, RI 02909,
(401) 276-4400

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