Machine Design

FEA gets a bump in performance and features

Ansys V10.0 sports advances in performance, ease of use, interoperability and coupled physics, such as fluid-structure interactions (FSI).

Ansys V10 features BladeModeler, an efficient 3D rotating machinery design tool for bladed components, and TurboGrid for hexahedral blade meshing.

The latter item uses one geometry with meshing appropriate to the physics required. A high-speed protocol provides the communication necessary to perform dynamic FSI analyses. Furthermore, the software parallelizes on multimachine clusters for large problems. And thermal transients let users perform sophisticated time-based simulations while the Ansys Workbench integration automates many of the model setup and solver tasks.

Ansys Inc.
275 Technology Dr.
Canonsburg, PA 15317
(800) 937-3321

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