Machine Design

FEA Gets Closer To Modeling Real World

Comsol Multiphysics 3.3 for mathematical modeling, simulation, and virtual prototyping includes three new modules.

An ac/dc module lets static and quasi-static models include coupled physics and nonlinear materials. An Acoustics module lets users model acoustic-wave propagation through solids and fluids. An RF module lets users specify geometry, physics, and materials without limitations for RF and microwave simulations. In addition, Comsol Script introduces Signals & Systems Lab and a large number of functions to support statistics, system identification, and signal processing. And an Optimization Lab includes solvers for constrained linear, quadratic, and nonlinear objective, and least-squares problems, as well as unconstrained optimization.

Several new predefined multiphysics couplings include microwave heating, induction heating, rotating machinery, fluid-thermal interactions for laminar, nonisothermal and turbulent flow, and fluid-structure interaction. An updated Model Tree provides a menu-tree view for checking and modifying model context-specific features and settings. The version also comes with a new solver, a shared memory parallel algorithm that works well on, for example, large electromagnetic models.

Comsol Inc., 8 New England Executive Park., Suite 310, Burlington, MA 01803, (781) 273-3322,

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