Machine Design

FEA Improves on Tools and CFD

FEA program Algor V16.1 features all-new parametric, structured meshing tools for 2D and 3D model creation, and expanded CFD capabilities.

Algor V16.1 features improved contact along edges for linearstatic stress analyses, and better heat transfer analysis.

These include fan effects, multiple independent fluids in a single analysis, gravity loads in flow through porous media analyses, and particle tracking. For example, defining a fan as an object makes FEA model setup a snap. Parametric meshing tools let users generate 2D and 3D structured meshes faster and more easily than previously possible. V16.1 includes an API for reading results and using 3D meshing tools, faster centralized file format, and direct CAD/CAE data exchange with KeyCreator CAD software. Additional features include PV/Designer software to build pressure vessels and intersecting pipes within FEMPRO, and improved utilities that calculate weight, center of gravity, and mass moment of inertia.

Algor Inc.,
150 Beta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238,
(412) 967-2700,

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