Machine Design

FEA Is Inventor 9 Certified

3G.Design Simulation/Optimization Suite lets users run parametric-based fully adaptive structural, thermal, dynamics simulations on CAD parts and assemblies within one uniform environment in minutes. integrates H/P adaptive solvers with Active Solution Technology to let users quickly parameterize the effects of geometric, operational, and material variables on the design. This lets users instantly identify problematic aspects of design variations and find better alternatives. In addition, the software is Inventor 9 certified. Users can take advantage of 3G.authors easy-to-use, flexible interface for fast and reliable parametric simulations, multidisciplinary optimization and on-the-fly validation of their designs on various Autodesk Inventor 9 assemblies. Users also get access to the softwares collaboration features. works with native CAD data to cover the geometry intelligence from subassembly, parts, and features all the way to dimensions and tolerances. This simplifies simulation-driven changes and optimizations in Inventor 9.

PlassoTech Inc., 16255 Ventura Blvd., Suite 615, Encino, CA 91436, (818) 788-8026,

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