Machine Design

FEA Makes Model Sharing Easy

NEIWorks, a version of NENastran for SolidWorks users, creates solid and surface elements in the same mesh.

Models from NEIWorks run on any Nastran solver, such as NEiNastran, NX/Nastran, or MSC.Nastran, because they all use the same bulk data-file format.

FE mesh-generation and display technology are used with a user interface to assist designers and analysts. An advantage of Nastran is that engineers working with one of the many versions can share models with each other. The capability lets designers send first-cut analyses to analytical engineers for more in-depth examinations. In addition, the redesigned N oran Web site contains general and advanced information about FEA, and boasts a more organized layout to help quickly find information. Improved up-front information includes general advice and guidelines on selecting FEA software and a 90-sec demo on the technology. The site contains access to a free downloadable 300-node demo without time limits, or one with an unlimited model size for a 30-day evaluation.

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