Machine Design

FEA For Multiple Hardware Platforms

Algor's V18 linear static-stress analysis software supports 64-bit Windows, Linux, and Unix workstation hardware platforms.

Company analysis programs will soon support 64-bit Windows and 32 and 64-bit Linux. This includes static-stress and mechanical-event simulation; linear dynamics; fatigue, steady-state, and transient heat transfer; steady and unsteady fluid flow; electrostatics; and full multiphysics. Future releases will support 64-bit Unix workstations from Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and IBM. This multiplatform support lets users, for example, build a finite-element model on a standard PC, send the model to a 64-bit computer for intensive analysis, and then examine results on the PC.

Algor Inc., 150 Beta Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238, (800) 482-5467,

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