Machine Design

FEA Preprocessor Improves All Around

Workbench 9.0 (W9.0), the multipurpose preprocessor for Ansys products, now sports electromagnetics capability, mesh creation features for CFX and ICEM CFD, and structural analysis features.

CFD benefits from improved hybrid models composed of pure hex, hex dominant, tetra/prism and a combination.

The software also has improved mechanics and materials data. W9.0 supports CFX-5.7 software through all stages of CFD simulation in a single environment. Users can access CAD, handle geometry, mesh, setup physics, and control software and posting without moving between completely separate products. ICEM CFD meshing tools ensure that difficult to mesh CAD or large assemblies, as well as high quality multiblock hex meshing is easily handled. Advanced meshing tools provide input/output support for many solvers. Structural users gain advantage from improved pre and postprocessors, as well as data interoperability for legacy models.

Ansys Inc.,
275 Technology Dr., Canonsburg, PA 15317,
(800) 937-3321,

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