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Featured Product: Single Hole RJ45 Panel Connectors

Sealcon is offering Hummel’s new connector, which features three feed-thru versions, two with an extended body.  It works with any terminated RJ45 patch cable.  No threaded mate required.  Can be used with knockouts or in M25 and 3/4” NPT threaded installations.

There are many options when choosing a Single Hole RJ45 Panel Connector:
• Front/Rear Mount with M25 thread, plus Retaining Nut (top)
• M25 thread with Strain Relief, plus Retaining Nut (middle)
• 3/4” NPT thread with Strain Relief, plus Retaining Nut (bottom)  

These Single Hole RJ45 Panel Connectors are compact and rugged!

Single-Hole RJ45 Panel Connectors Technical Information*
• Number of Positions:  4 / 6 / 8-pos, optional 4+2 / 6+2 / 8+2 pos
• Cable Diameter Range:  .12” - .28” (3 - 7 mm) 
*Most Mechanical and Electrical Data is dependent upon the type of RJ5 used.  Contact Sealcon for additional information.

Other types and styles of the M23 RJ45 Ethernet Connector available.

Contact Sealcon for further information or visit our website.
14853 E. Hinsdale Ave., Suite D
Centennial, CO 80112-4240 USA

Phone: 303-699-1135 / 800-456-9012 
Fax: 303-680-5344

Email: [email protected]

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