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Feel The Beat

Lifewaves Personal Coach and Wave Watch monitor personal workouts with feedback and analysis via an Internet connection.

The LifeWaves Personal Coach and Wave Watch is an interactive heart-rate recorder that greets enthusiasts by name and coaches them through a personalized workout based on prior performance.

Newlife Technologies, Califon, N.J., incorporates the recorder in an exercise program based on the idea that body rhythms control overall health. Behavior such as exercise, sleep, and eating habits shapes these rhythms.

The LifeWaves Personal Coach not only instructs members, but also records their heart-rate activity during 1-min exercises and recovery periods of a few minutes. The information is uploaded over the Internet onto the LifeWaves Web site for instant analysis and graphic feedback. In addition to tracking progress over time, members can compare their gains against index averages for others of the same age and sex.

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