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Feeling the need for speed: Find directions first

A free guide to high-speed machining is available from Delcam Inc., Windsor, Ont. Cutting-tool specialists, H.R. Pearce & Co., Mitsubishi Carbide, and Sandvik worked with Delcam to prepare the CD-ROM guide with recommended strategies for high-speed cutting techniques for particular manufacturing operations. It can help improve machining techniques and minimize slowdowns during cutting operations.

Delcam says users introducing high-speed systems cannot rely on faster spindle speeds alone to get the desired results. The guide emphasizes that manufacturers most often change the entire machining process, before an investment in high-speed equipment becomes beneficial.

The guide describes a range of in-depth examples, including the main requirements of machining strategies in a highspeed environment and how to keep the load on a cutter as consistent as possible. It lists techniques, such as using climb machining for all roughing operations to reduce tool wear for certain operations. Videos detail cutting processes and show recent developments in cutting-tool technology. The companies make suggestions for roughing and finish machining based on research with modern tool designs.

To obtain a copy of Delcam's guide, e-mail [email protected]

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