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Machine Design

Fiber-optic sensor

The D10 Expert fiber-optic sensor features dual output channels with independently configurable setpoints that let it solve challenging applications with as little as 1% contrast. A 16-bit microprocessor and teach-mode programming deliver 12-bit analog-to-digital resolution within a 300-mm range. The D10 Expert comes with a choice of dual discrete outputs or a single discrete output paired with a single 0 to 10Vdc analog output. Analog-output models feature Auto-Span scalable output, which distributes the analog output signal over the width of the programmed sensing window to provide a continuous, consistent response. The sensor comes with a choice of visible red or green sensing beams to optimize its sensitivity to target colors. The sensor is housed in durable black ABS polycarbonate alloy and has an acrylic cover to keep out dust and other contaminants.

Banner Engineering Corp., Box 9414, Minneapolis, MN 55440, (888) 373-6767.

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