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Machine Design

Field Connections for Hazardous Uses

High-density, fixed-terminal modules called Elcon HiD2000 target wiring in hazardous areas that needs to pass through intrinsic safety isolators.

They can be applied in any hazardous area where the termination containing intrinsic safety interface modules must also incorporate the HART multiplexer and a direct connection to a DCS or PLC system using the standard vendor I/O cables. A patented cross-wiring feature reduces interconnecting wiring needs by up to 35% for easily documented signal marshaling. The system offers simpler commissioning than comparable systems because field wiring can be connected directly to the terminal on the mounting board, and loopdisconnect terminals incorporate test points for quick troubleshooting. Faults in the field can be detected by the modules and flagged by a fault monitor module to alert operators. LED status and power-on indicators signal faults and operation status. Module keying lets users configure each module position to eliminate potential mistakes during maintenance or commissioning. HiD2000 products are also SIL2 approved for conformity to international safety standards.

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