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Machine Design

Field-Metrology Wells

The 9140 Series of field-metrology wells provide stability to ±0.01°C, radial uniformity to ±0.01°C, axial uniformity at 40 mm to ±0.04°C, loading to ±0.006°C, and hysteresis to ±0.015°C. Each unit weighs about 16 lb and will reach 660˚C in less than 15 min. Each process version has a built-in reference thermometer readout that accepts reference probes with smart six-pin DIN connectors that store probe characterization in the connector. A second channel measures resistance, voltage, or 4-to20-mA current. The process version has 24-V loop power for calibration of temperature transmitters.

All field-metrology wells have an LCD display and menu-driven interface, a dedicated temperature setpoint and °C/°F buttons. Preprogrammed tasks and temperature points can be saved and recalled for route calibrations. All inputs and terminals are located on the front of the unit for easy access.

Hart Scientific, 799 E. Utah Valley Dr., American Fork, UT 84003, (800) 438-4278,

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