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Filter Fans Keep Electronics Cool

Over 175 new models of Hoffman filter fans are available for electronics cooling applications. The fans are made with UV-resistant plastic and foam-in-place gaskets for a tight seal with the cabinet. The fans provide 16 to 571-cfm (28 to 970-M3/hr) airflow, covering a wide range of heat loads. A click-fit design facilitates easy installation, and a snap-open grille allows simple filter replacement.

Available fans include side-wall and roof-mount options with ac and dc power input options. Reverse-flow models push/pull air through higher static pressure systems and compact, shallow design models are for installation in tight spaces. The IP55 fans deliver dual protection against water infiltration through a corrosion-resistant metal grille positioned in front of a high-density Z-filter. Miniscule louvers in the metal grille open in the opposite direction of the louvers in the filter fan’s plastic grille to create the extra physical path in front of the Z-filter, which further protects against water ingress. An optional stainless-steel shroud partners with the IP55 fan for maximum wash-down protection.

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