Machine Design

Fittings Torque Without Guesswork

Torque Right fittings for tubing come with tabs on either side that fold in when the fitting is seated with the right torque.

This gives installers a visual indicator that lets them hand-tighten the devices without tools, torque specification, or guessing what constitutes "finger tight." Fittings are preassembled and come with a standard 1/4-28 thread size in nine different colors for easy connection coding and identification. Custom configurations are available. The company says when paired with its Flared Tubing Assemblies, the fittings produce a continuous, fully swept fluoropolymer fluid path with a consistent internal tubing diameter in sample, reagent, wash, and waste lines.

Diba Industries Inc., 4 Precision Rd., Danbury, CT 06810, (203) 744-0773,

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