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Flange Adapters For Hydraulics

Unified Code U61 2-Bolt Flange and corresponding Flange Ports are designed for hydraulic components and systems.

They require only two bolts to provide compact, leak-resistant flange connections. The adapters mate with either of two diagonal-tapped mounting holes of the same nominal size SAE Code 61 4-Bolt flange port. Their small footprint lets adjacent ports be nested more closely and efficiently. The two-bolt flange mounting holes may be oriented 360 about a central fluidflow axis for maximum flexibility in designing hydraulic components and systems. They are available in 0.125 to 2-in. sizes. Industry-standard sockethead cap screws are used to assemble the flanges, and they meet or exceed strength requirements of ASTM Standard A574 (minimum tensile strength of 180,000 psi).

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